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      1. 直读光谱仪

        公司自成立以来一直秉承“精诚合作西甲足彩,共赢未来”的经营理念,以 “质量为先西甲足彩西甲足彩西甲足彩西甲足彩,服务至上”为宗旨,以“客户和公司双赢”为目标,不断开拓创新,提高管理水平西甲足彩,在行业内有着良好的口碑西甲足彩。通过公司全体员工的努力西甲足彩,竭诚为国内外客户提供优质的产品及服务来回馈客户西甲足彩,期待与您共创美好未来西甲足彩西甲足彩!

        Wuxi Michtoyo Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is located in the beautiful coast of Taihu Lake - Wuxi, is a collection of R & D, standard gauge, optical instrument, instrument size car sales, physical and chemical testing instrument, nondestructive testing instrument professional company.

        The company has been adhering to the "sincere cooperation since the establishment of win-win future" business philosophy, to "quality first, service first" for the purpose, to "customers and win-win" as the goal, continuous innovation, improve the management level, has a good reputation in the industry. Through the efforts of all staff, and dedication to domestic and foreign customers to provide quality products and services to repay customers and look forward to working with you to create a better future!

        Over the years we have to provide a variety of special industry testing equipment and technology, such as automobile, aviation, shipbuilding, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway and nuclear industry, energy, telecommunications, military weapons and machinery research and large-scale infrastructure.